Welcome, members of the Rhode Island Educational Media Association! "RIEMA08" is a wiki for 2008 RIEMA Conference attendees. Here is a place we can collaborate about all we have learned during the conference, and take our learning into the practical applications of our jobs. Let's share our experiences and professionally develop together. If you were unable to attend the conference, this will be a resource for you, too!

On this wiki, you will see a page for each session. Please contribute your learning and reflections by clicking the navigation link for a session you attended. Then click "Edit this page", type your ideas, and click "Save". If you click on a page that already has notes, please add your thoughts to the page! If your reflection ties into something that is posted, simply click within the document and add your words in the appropriate place. There is no need to go to the end of the document and refer to a previous part. On a wiki, it's okay to edit someone else's work (Really!). Remember, we're creating an ever-evolving document, for reference now and in the future. If you have a link to a resource that ties into a session topic, add that too! Just click on the session navigation link, then "Edit this page". Next, type the name of your recommended resource, highlight the text, and click the "Insert Link" button in the editing toolbar. To make a link to an outside resource, click "external", type in the URL (Don't forget www. if it is in the address), and click "OK". Please add a brief description of the resource after the link.

If you are a conference presenter and you are willing to post your session notes or PowerPoint presentations, please do so by using the "insert" buttons on the editing toolbar. Together, we'll create a collaborative, informative tool, with the conference as a starting point.

Clint Kennedy and Dave Fontaine, two of our conference presenters, have suggested using del.icio.us for bookmarking websites. This service allows us to save our bookmarks, add tags, and then search these tags for users who have bookmarked similar content. If you find a website that would be useful to other conference attendees, please post to del.icio.us and tag it "riema08" so we can search del.icio.us and benefit from a shared knowledge base. If you're not sure how to use del.icio.us, visit the website and try it out! It's simple to use, and allows you to access your bookmarks from any internet-connected computer.

More ideas to come...